Eyebrow Tinting, Why Get Eyebrow Tinting? 3 Reasons Why
eyebrow tinting

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Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the procedure of coloring the eyebrows utilizing a semi-permanent color. It resembles hair coloring. The eyebrow color can be gotten rid of with a suitable remover. You can attempt eyebrow tinting in the following scenarios:

  • When you’re altering your hair color. You do not need to match your eyebrow color with your hair color. Utilize a few lighter or darker tonesthan your brand-new hair color.

  • When your eyebrows have actually turned grey. Get grey eyebrows tinted rather than plucking them. Plucking eyebrows can develop bald spots on your eyebrow.

  • When your eyebrows have actually begun thinning. Tinting eyebrows with a darker color makes them look thicker.

The best ways to pick the ideal eyebrow tint shade?

  • Black tint goes with black hair.

  • Indian ladies can attempt black and charcoal colors.

  • Caucasians can attempt blonde eyebrows.

  • Grey tints match individuals with gray and white hair.

  • Blonde-haired ladies can explore chestnut (brown/red) colors.

  • Redheads can utilize taupe and crimson brown.

Can I carry out eyebrow tinting at home?

No. You can not carry out eyebrow tinting job at home. It needs to be carried out by an expert professional. However you need to understand how it is done because if you do not proper instructions you can end up with eyebrows that are uneven and scratchy eyebrows that will not make your face eye candy.

How is eyebrow tinting carried out?

The procedure takes about 25-30 minutes and should be carried out only by an expert professional. Appropriate precaution ought to be taken and these consist of –

  • The same color applicator must not be utilized on all customers.

  • Vaseline/ petroleum jelly must be used on skin to stop colors from spilling on to it.

  • A patch test needs to be performed 24 hours prior to the application of tint.

The Process

  • Apply vaseline/petroleum jelly around the eyebrow area to prevent coloring of the skin.

  • Apply eyebrow color on the eyebrows utilizing an applicator.

  • Move applicator from the inner part of the eyebrow to the outer part.

  • Wait on 5-10 minutes for the tint to develop.

  • Get rid of the tint with cotton balls.

Tinting eyebrows isn’t really long-term; Eyebrows tinting last for around 2 weeks.

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