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Eyebrow artist extraordinaire, Nirit Reani, sculpting confidence and elegance at her premier eyebrow spa in the heart of NYC.

The Perfect Eyebrow Shaping

Do not compromise!
“Repetition of Perfection Is Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Design.

Must Achieved at Every Appointment”

                                                                                             -Nirit Reani
Well, let’s define amazing: Getting glamorous, memorable Eyebrow Shaping constantly! That’s what defines it! Again, constantly!


Perfect Eyebrow ShapingHi amazing ladies. Here It’s all about making sure you get perfect results every single time! No more frustrating days of touch ups or uneven brows. Amazing is making sure to constantly keep your Eyebrow Shape looking its best, with the perfect arch and length for your individual face shape and style preferences. With Eyebrow Shaping, it’s all about getting that glamorous and memorable look again and again. It’s taking care of all your eyebrow needs and getting you the perfect Eyebrow Shape, you’ve always dreamed of!

Let’s think differently… this is from an esthetician with years of experience. 

It will all make sense to you! For some odd reason, magazines never really mention it.

Let’s talk about eyebrows! The Perfect Eyebrow Shaping (Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Waxing or Eyebrow Tweezing) is an important part of grooming that can help create a more polished and finished look. There are so many ways to achieve those amazing eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of. As for me, I prefer Eyebrow Waxing and this is what i choose to practice. Waxing is a popular Eyebrow Shaping method that quickly removes unwanted hair while also keeping the lines clean and defined. Also, Eyebrow Waxing lasts longer than the other methods such as Eyebrow Threading or Eyebrow Tweezing.

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What have you notice? 

You’ve noticed that women are getting their eyebrows shaped differently, right?Eyebrow Shaping is incredibly popular and the quest for Perfect Eyebrow Shaping is constant. Whether you’re looking to create an alluring arch, brush up a more natural look, or even try something bold and unique, Perfect Eyebrow Shaping can help you achieve the look of your dreams. Eyebrow Shaping is personal, as every woman’s eyebrow potential is unique. Considering your Eyebrow shape and facial features, your eyebrow specialist can help you create the perfect eyebrow look for you. 

Are you wondering why some women prefer Eyebrow Waxing and others prefer Eyebrow Threading? And with all those choices, are you wondering which one is best for you? Mmmm….. Is pain involved in your decision? Are there any other “things” that can help you decide? Wait, and how is it you’re your best friend has amazing eyebrows? Where does she get it done? How are you supposed to make the right choice?

It’s a Secret … But Not for Long 😊

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Ladies, grab your cup of coffee and settle down for some fascinating insight. Here is a little secret that no one told you about! Your choices for amazing Perfect Eyebrow Shaping are NOT choosing between Eyebrow Threading, Eyebrow Waxing, tweezing and/or cutting! Well., not only about the method. It’s also about who you work with. (Everyone can get a great any shape with all methods).

You want to get the amazing Eyebrow Shaping that turns heads? The one that attracts all the attention, right? Continue reading!

Fabulous Brow Shape Has To Do With The 
Person You Work With

Well, The Perfect Eyebrow Shaping has nothing to do with the method (almost)! What is the potential of the actual shape, the one that gives you the arch in the right place? How thick or how long should it be? All of this depends solely on one person! Your esthetician! Yup, this is the first thing you’ve got to decide. You have to search for the right person. You must find the right person to work with long term so that you always get the same amazing shape. When you find your esthetician, you’ll be the happiest lady in town, and you will have amazing Eyebrow Shaping that shines.

How to Find Your Esthetician?
Give a Compliment

You just moved and need to look for your favorite esthetician for your Eyebrow Shaping… Speaking from experience, it is easier to find the right doctor than the right artist!

Remember, you are looking for an artist. Well, a compliment goes a long way they say, right? At your new area, you saw a lady with amazing Perfect Eyebrow Shaping walking down the street, or at the gym, or at the grocery store. Go over and compliment her. Then ask her where she got her eyebrows done. No one gets annoyed when receiving a compliment. You just made two people happy! Actually, you just made three people happy: you, the other lady, and the esthetician!

Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Makes Everyone Happy

Anyway, the esthetician will know how to sculpt your eyebrows, how to make them stand out, and how to bring out your best look. How to make you look energized even after only two hours of sleep. To make you look glamorous!

Working with the same esthetician for your Perfect Eyebrow Shaping will most likely get you the same amazing Eyebrow Shaping every time. It will make your Eyebrow Shaping last for a long time. Try not to hop around of you don’t have to, so you can always achieve the shape you love. 

So, make Eyebrow Shaping part of your regular beauty routine.

Stop Searching and enjoy Your Glorious Look

Then, all that’s left to do is enjoy your new look! This is made easy with the right Eyebrow Shaping person you work with!

I hope I helped! Looking for appointment or consultation? Please text me at 917-806-6616.

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Remember, it’s NOT the choice between the different method.

 its you choosing the right person to work with. 

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