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The ABC’s of Eyebrow Shaping NYC-Style

So, how often should you have your eyebrows shaped?

First thing first, it’s not a question of “have to!” It’s a question of what works for you. It’s not up to me or anyone else in NYC to understand your eyebrow shaping needs, financial ability, or time constraints. It’s only after I speak with the client that I can say how often makes sense. At first I “ignore” all issues and later we figure out the best routine based on all of the factors…But we are all beautiful individuals regardless 

Another reason I have different answers to “How often should I have my eyebrows shaped?” is that that is really not the right question. It’s not how often, but more, “In what condition do my eyebrows need to be in order to get them shaped again?” And that all depends on how fast or slow your eyebrows grow; in NYC, even the heat and cold can make your needs vary widely. For eyebrow shaping, in terms of growth, there is no rule; it is all individual!

There’s also a question of what level of “cleanliness” the client prefers aesthetically for their eyebrows. Many of my clients cannot “stand” stray hair on their brows when it grows. But some don’t mind a little regrowth and can resist handling the tweezer 

I actually have some clients who would like to just come in every week for eyebrow shaping. For those types of clients (only in NYC!), I actually refuse, unless they have a special event…simply because they will “get tired” of coming in every week, so better to avoid it. Also, integrity is crucial to my business philosophy. I do not want to think that I am charging a client for three hairs to be removed when I think they should wait a little longer. Trust goes a long way when it comes to personal services.

How Often Do I Need a Deep Cleansing Facial?

The answer is…It depends on us! I always say “us” because it is actually a collaboration. The client promises not to touch their eyebrows—not even one. And I promise that maybe by their next appointment, or maybe in a few weeks or a month, we will have amazing eyebrows—as amazing as the quantity of the growing hair will allow. 

You see, there are no miracles. And I am not a psychic; I have no idea how fast or slow your hair will grow. In eyebrow shaping services at my NYC spa, I can only work with the eyebrows the client actually has, and assume what their potential is. And if the client helps me by not touching them between appointments, we will reach that potential in the best and fastest way possible!

So back to the right length of time between appointments:

What if I have thin or short eyebrows?

If you have very thin or very short eyebrows, and you are trying eyebrow shaping, let them grow. That way when you visit my NYC spa, I can actually have something to work with. Very often I ask how long you can go without tweezing even one hair. Most of the time, when having to let it grow, I will want to see your brows in a month even if not all the hairs have grown in. We can get started with the shaping. It may take one time to get the perfect shape or a few times …

How do we keep the line, and why?

If you want to maintain the line of your eyebrows, then you really don’t want to wait too long before your next eyebrow shaping visit at my NYC spa. Don’t wait until that line disappears. So whatever time it takes your hair to grow without losing the line, that is the length of time I recommend between appointments. Most of the time I will ask that new clients will come in for their second appointment within a month or earlier if needed, so I’ll be able to figure out how fast or slow their eyebrows grow.

Only then I can determine their hair cycle and tell them how often they should come in for eyebrow shaping. Keeping the line that you are happy about is actually very important: it means that there is consistency with the service. This way you get the exact same line each time….assuming of course that the hair grew the same…

What if I have a special event?

If you have many events in a specific period of time, then you may choose to come in before the time between eyebrow shaping appointments, or even stretch the time a little, so your brows will look as perfect as possible for each event. Again, it all depends on the level of communication 

What about budget?

Eyebrow shaping is a great use of your beauty budget! Eyebrows frame the face and are more important than makeup. They’re the first thing you see in the mirror in the morning, and the last thing at night. If budget is an issue, we will do what we can in the best way we can. When you visit my NYC spa, located on the Upper West Side, I can give my opinion regardless of budget, and we can figure it out from there.

And there are the ABCs of Eyebrow Shaping NYC-style!

By the way, if you’re not sure it’s time for your next appointment, text me a clear, close-up photo of your eyebrows—and I’ll take it from there!

So if your choice is me—Nirit Reani Spa for eyebrow shaping in NYC—text me at 917.806.6616!

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