Nirit Reani Spa

Facial Treatment

Revitalize, reenergize and rejuvenate your skin with one of these treatments. Each facial begins with a consultation and includes a fabulous complimentary neck and shoulder massage. Procedures are adaptable and completely customized to satisfy your skin’s needs. Confused? Not sure what you want? Do not worry…extra time is allocated for each appointment for a complete consultation to ensure that together we choose the right facial for you.

  • Herbal/Deep Cleansing Facial (1Hr) $175

    Freshen up your skin and reach the maximum level of pureness with a deep and thorough cleansing Hydrating plumping powder made of ground seeds of Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba is used to soften all impurities. Bringing them to the surface for easier extraction. The unique blend and technique allow the facial to be extended when needed for superb results.

  • Aromatherapy Facial (45min) $160

    Amazingly but not surprisingly, this facial tackles dryness, dehydration, breakouts, and a wide variety of skin dilemmas! The treatment includes a precise diagnosis of your skin type and needs. The aroma is fabulous, the massage is great, and even more so, the results are truly astonishing.

  • C-Weed Multi-Derm Facial (45min) $160

    Relax your body and mind while taking care of your skin! This gentle, highly effective C Weed treatment utilizes the unique nourishing and hydrating properties of vitamin C to enhance the appearance of your skin. This treatment will relax, hydrate, detoxify and improve the elasticity of all skin types.

  • Unisex Tailored Facial (1Hr) $235

    The most requested focal! This ultimate beauty treatment is customized to meet your unique skin core needs. A combination of the process and elements described above, along with time adjustment, are specially selected to leave your skin in peak condition.

  • ***Add Skin’s Essential Aromatherapy Oils $60

    Aromatherapy and Essential oils are one of the best ways to combat different skin conditions from acne to extremely dry skin as well as reduce stress and promote healing of the body and mind.

  • ***Add Chilled-Weed and Therma-Aroma Masks $60

    Soothe the skin and relax the body at once! The extreme sensations between Chilled-Weed and warming Thermo-Promo masks help essentials penetrate deeper into the skin while creating a feeling of calm. You’ll receive the maximum benefits in your skin core while experiencing relaxation others will envy.

  • ***Add 15min $45

    Most facials, unless otherwise noted, are 50 minutes to 2 hours long. However, sometimes additional cleaning is needed. If you and I both have the time, and if your skin condition allows, it is best to handle all impurities at once rather than scheduling another appointment or compromising your skin needs.