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Facials: Nirit’s Eight Reasons Why to have a Spa Facial Treatment

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Nirit Reani

Eyebrow artist extraordinaire, Nirit Reani, sculpting confidence and elegance at her premier eyebrow spa in the heart of NYC.

Facial Treatment Is The Best Gift!

For Men, Women And Teens

Hey ladies, back for another chat.

Hey, while Botox, fillers, and laser treatments are great, you still need to treat your skin—and treat yourself—to regular spa Facial Treatment for the best results.

Women, men, teens—All are welcome at my spa on the Upper West Side! I offer a variety of facials, which are then customized to your specific needs and goals. My personal goal is that you’ll Experience the best facial in NYC.

The many benefits of facials are range from being pampered for an hour to greatly improving the skin’s quality and appearance through one or several treatments. There are few risks and no downtime. My facials have you glowing out the door, not hiding while your skin is repaired for a week.

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Having a spa Facial Treatment on a regular basis is important—as is a good home care routine. (See benefit #2!) Those two habits will take your skin’s condition to a higher level. Let’s get started, gorgeous!

If you think that facials are just a fun thing to do, think again! It is comfortable, relaxing, and powerful. And products used will make it money well spent. Getting pampered while actually taking care of your skin at the same time? What could be better?

Seeking out a professional for your facial is crucial as it’s challenging to accurately assess your own skin’s requirements. Entrust the experts to perform their expertise. Steer clear of tempting “do-it-yourself” products that may not suit your skin type, deliver negligible results, or potentially damage your skin. Skin concerns are common for almost everyone, regardless of visible blemishes or severe conditions like hyperpigmentation or acne. Regular facials are essential to maintaining skin health and preventing issues from arising.

Forget thinking of regular facials as a chore—get ready for the highlight of your month! Picture this: a blissful facial combined with a soothing décolleté and neck massage. Not only will your skin radiate with a healthy glow, but you’ll also be floating on cloud nine, stress-free for hours afterward. It’s all about pampering yourself and putting YOU first!

Here are eight benefits of a professional Facial Treatment at my NYC spa:
Learn more about your skin and skin type.

People often simplify their skin type by labeling it as dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination of all three, but the reality is far more intricate. Experiencing occasional breakouts doesn’t necessarily indicate oily skin, just as having dry patches doesn’t automatically mean your skin is sensitive. Understanding your skin’s condition involves considering various factors such as age, sun exposure, hormonal changes, lifestyle habits like smoking or pregnancy, and even elements like your work environment and recent vacations. All of these elements play a role in determining your skin’s needs. Tailoring both your facial treatments and home skincare routine to these factors is crucial. By taking all these aspects into account, you can make informed decisions about the most suitable treatments and products for your skin.

The first step of a facial with me is Free Consultation. We’ll look at your skin together and discuss your goals and your “personality” when it comes to skincare. I always recommend bringing all of the products you use on your skin. I’ll make sure that they actually are suited to your skin and are right for you. You’ll be surprised what you are doing wrong and you’ll be complimented on the right choices! Honesty and directness are my styles. 

Facials are Deep Cleansing

Almost every one of my Facial Treatment has a deep cleansing component, which is not possible at home without hurting your skin. Steaming to open up your pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly is a given. The treatments that follow—and your daily routine—will work better on deeply clean skin. When skin is supple and clear, any home care product, including makeup, “sits” better on the skin, creating a healthy and youthful appearance.

Facials are Anti-Aging

Let’s embrace our beauty! Facials offer an incredible anti-aging benefit. Taking care of your skin is a wonderful investment in yourself. Regular facials stimulate cell renewal and encourage collagen production, resulting in a luminous, more youthful complexion. It’s all about nourishing your skin for a radiant, plumper appearance!

Treat Acne and Acne Marks

SLet’s show your skin some love! Instead of picking at your acne or being too harsh on your skin, consider the gentle and effective solution of facials. My facials are tailored to treat acne and minimize the appearance of acne marks. They are gentle yet highly effective, suitable for sensitive skin and even teenagers. I have many teen clients who have seen great results with my treatments!

Reduce Whiteheads and Blackheads

Pore strips? Yes, I have heard all about them. It is not a replacement for extractions! Blackheads and whiteheads clog the pores and are a natural skin condition. I can help you improve your appearance without hurting your skin. After a facial extraction, those whiteheads and blackheads will reduce and become less visible. Here’s the honest truth: Nothing can replace extractions. And It is simply not possible to extract at home.

Exfoliate Your Skin and Boost Your Skin’s Absorption

I’m a big believer in exfoliation. If you don’t exfoliate properly, dead skin cells tend to pile up, and your products won’t absorb properly either and will clog your pores. (Just wait for the breakout – it’s coming!)  Exfoliation is both part of your home routine, as well as part of a Facial Treatment.

Enjoy Plumper, Tighter, More Supple Skin

With age, your skin’s collagen production diminishes, and your skin loses its elasticity. My Facial Treatments, masks, lotions, and creams are enriched with botanical extracts that stimulate the production of collagen and reduce the signs of aging.

Even Out your Skin Tone and Texture

Aging, too much sun, pregnancy, and hormonal changes can cause too much melanin production, resulting in dark spots on the skin. Facial Treatment and home routine can help even out those conditions and give you a bright, vibrant skin tone with a touchable, smooth texture.

So when looking for the Best Facial in NYC remember, facial is not only fun but beneficial for your skin!  while all this seriousness about the skin might sound scary, it’s not! You are in good hands. To Book An Appt. Call or text at 917-806-6616 and we can begin to improve your skin!

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