skincare advice after an eyebrow threading

Eyebrow Threading Vs Waxing

Let’s talk about skincare advice. Very often I get calls from a prospective client, who is new to my Upper West Side spa, regarding eyebrow threading.

I usually respond, “Sorry, I do not do eyebrow threading. But, if you do not mind me asking… Since eyebrow shaping has mainly to do with who gives you the shape, does your skin limit you for only this method? Are you using products that make your skin sensitive? Or, are you worried that other methods might make your eyebrows thinner?” I ask because I want people to really understand what affects their eyebrow shaping—or WHO affects it.

Eyebrow Shaping: Eyebrow Waxing vs. Eyebrow Threading

I have been shaping eyebrows at my Upper West Side spa for many years. Achieving a perfect shape has to do with the professional you work with. Anyone can give you perfect shape—or a horrible one (hopefully never) —with any of the methods. Personally, I prefer eyebrow waxing, tweezing, and/or cutting. Most of the time all three. 

Eyebrow shaping is all about that—the shape—and not the method! It’s about precision, It’s about consistent shape from one appointment to another. It’s about your existing eyebrow: what you have and what you potentially can have. The choice of method, however, has to do with your personal preferences and your skin’s condition. Please don’t get those two confused! If you want beautiful eyebrows, shaped to complement your face, I am here for you and I promise to do my best! Hoping, of course, that my best is good enough for you

Eyebrow Waxing: Precise, Gentle, Beautiful, Glamorous, Clean

I use a gentle wax suitable for all types of skin (sensitive or not) on any area of the face (for as long as you do not use any products that do not allow the use of wax). My clients and I find that waxing, tweezing, and cutting are less painful, and faster (apparently time is a commodity in NYC!), than any other method. After your service, I treat the skin with a soothing cream, so you can go on and have a great day!

On the safe side, if you wish to use wax…I recommend that you not use retinol products for two weeks before your eyebrow shaping appointment. However, if you have used these products in the past few days, I can provide you with the ideal shape with tweezing.

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Gorgeous brows can transform your face, and create a timeless, glamorous arch that allows the natural beauty to shine through. And I have transformed many an eyebrow threading client to trust my technique—the mirror doesn’t lie! My clients come not only from the Upper West Side but all over New York City to my intimate, friendly, results-oriented spa. Hope to hear from you soon… maybe even today so text me at 917-806-6616.

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