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Deep Cleansing Facials: How Often? 

Hi Beautiful,

It’s no secret that I think a deep cleansing facial is a must-have in your skincare routine. I like to say that your daily home beauty regimen is like brushing your teeth, and getting regular facials is like getting your teeth cleaned. Here’s the point: There is absolutely no replacement for professional skincare, which deep-clean, hydrate, nourish your skin, and keep it healthy and glowing for a lifetime. But a home routine and great home products are no less important.

How Often Do I Need a Deep Cleansing Facial?

Well, it depends. Do you just want to have fun and relax (nothing wrong with that)? Or do you really, really want to improve your skin? Most of my clients have come to see their regular deep cleansing with me as being as essential, yes, as those dentist appointments. (And I’m a lot more fun and relaxing than the dentist’s office!)

How often to get a facial also depends on some factors, which we’ll discuss together in your first appointment and consultation. These factors include: 

  • Your Skin Type: If you have oily skin, that tends to break out, you might benefit from regular facial treatments until we calm and soothe your skin. Whatever type of skin you have—oily, combination, dry, or normal skin—for as long as it has those unsightly blackheads, I recommend a deep cleansing facial once every month. Put in on your calendar just as you would another fun date you and me taking care of you.
  • Your Skin Condition: Do you have blackheads? Sun-damaged or dull skin? Acne?  Hyperpigmentation? Any of these conditions will dictate the frequency of your facial treatments. I know it is not a usual practice at other spas, but I do recommend that you bring your home care products with you to your deep cleansing facial! We’ll review them together to make sure they are well suited to your skin—no charge! You will be surprised at how much improvement you will see from eliminating “bad” or wrong products. And if your products are great, at least you’ll know that you are doing the right thing!
  • Skin Care Goals: Let’s get real again – Not all of us care about our skin condition, and that’s okay. It’s completely up to you. But if your goal is to improve your skin, then it’s never too early or too late to start having regular deep cleansing facials. Besides a healthy diet, great sleep, and staying out of the sun, it’s a super way to ensure beautiful, younger-looking skin for a lifetime. Let’s avoid or try our best to prevent those acne scars or pimples with a routine of regular facials and some fabulous products!
  • Budget: How I hate this word  Budget can be a concern. But think of a routine and products that are perfectly customized to you—you will save money in the end. No more impulse purchases or cute skincare fads. We’ll get to a real understanding of what works and what doesn’t, and we will change the routine along the way if we need to. A great indication that it all works is that you’ll notice you’ll need less makeup with your newly glowing skin as well…your cover-up is going to get lonely! By the way, almost every facial includes a facial, decolléte, and/or neck massage—so kiss that expense goodbye!
  • Your Time: Busy moms, working women, teenagers, men: Many of my clients can afford a deep cleansing facial, but simply can’t find the TIME for another regular appointment. Time is more valuable than money for a lot of my clients. That’s why I do my best to accommodate every schedule. I try to be super flexible—just reach out and we will make it work!

How often do you need a deep cleansing facial? The answer is, we’ll decide together. And we can make it work for your busy schedule. I offer early-bird appointments as early as 7 am. Text me at 917.806.6616 to book your facial now!

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