Eyebrow tinting - Fabulous addition to enhance eyebrows - Nirit Reani Spa

Eyebrow tinting – Fabulous addition to enhance eyebrows

Men, Women, Teens: Deep Cleansing Facials are the Best Gift!

Now is the time of year when I begin to see all of the holiday stress, festive food, and not-so-fabulous weather affecting everyone’s faces That is why it’s the best time of year for a deep cleansing facial! All of the facials at my spa begin with a deep cleansing component. Whatever your skin goals, we’ve got to deep-clean the skin before we can care for and improve it. It’s the first basic step of achieving that glowing, fresh, carefree beauty that we all want to have at the holiday party! And your makeup “sits” better on clean, well-moisturized skin.
Anyone—women, men, teens—can benefit from a deep cleansing facial. That is why they make the best gifts! I offer gift certificates in any amount. Simply text me (I TEXT), call me, email me, or just stop by, and I can arrange for your husband, wife, best friend, boss, or child to receive a gift they won’t forget.

Gift Certificates are Practical

Wouldn’t you think a deep cleansing facial was the best gift? Well, treat others as you would like to be treated I can send or email your gift certificate to the recipient. Your family member, friend, or co-worker can then book with me via text (917-806-6616). I offer early morning appointments (usually, but not only, Thursday and Friday from 7am), lunch-time appointments and some evenings, but not too late…I try to be as flexible as I can—but remember, I am not open on the weekends!

Gift Certificates are Flexible

When the lucky gift-certificate getter comes into my spa, I will observe their skin and make sure the gift they received is the right one for them (if it is not, we will choose another treatment). My goal is to give them the best deep-cleansing they have ever experienced. Immediately after, I will customize their facial to their skin, lifestyle, and dreams! I offer aromatherapy, anti-aging, and European facials. The treatment is fun and relaxing. If they prefer, I can advise them on products, and they can walk out with a skincare regime that they can begin to use at home. Or I can offer them a professional eyebrow shaping. Anything is possible!

Gift Certificates are Preferred!

A deep cleansing facial makes the best gift any time of year. Taking the time to stop, be pampered, enjoy a treatment and a massage: a time-out is the perfect antidote to crazy New York living. Do any of us really need more chocolates, more wine, more stuff?? Treat your family and friends this holiday season to a visit to my spa —Nirit Reani Spa!
Do you have questions about gift certificates, gifts, or why a deep cleansing facial makes the best gift? Call me at 917.806.6616!

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