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Booking your Appointment

As you know, I am Crazy in love with Texting
It is easy and it will save us both a huge amout of time. Here is a perfect example:

"Hey Nirit, this is Camille Smith. I need eye brows and legs waxed. I can do Wed 16th anytime after 4:00pm or Thurs 17th before 11:00am."

Remember, although I try my best to be flexible, booking ahead is best.

You can text me at 917-806-6616 or contact me here

Nirit Reani Spa

Your First Facial

Please allow 90 min. availability so we can find the facial that is best for you without compromising. In addition, it is a good idea to bring ALL your skin care products for a quick review. I am direct and honest! I will tell you what works and what doesn't, and from that point it is up to you to make future purchasing decisions.

I will ONLY recommend products that truly work and I have experience with. I guarantee their effectiveness and support this with a solid 14 day return policy, which takes away the risk on your end. My goal is to see your skin at it's best!

Nirit Reani Spa

Your First Wax Appointment

Aside from eyebrows, a quarter inch of hair is the best length to work with. However, I will try my best to work with what you have, and if I cannot, I will let you know. In addition, please let me know if you've had bad waxing experience, any allergies or skin reactions, if you are taking medications, and/or if you are using topical creams such as AGAs or Retin-A. Those are important for result of the service and the skin condition.

Nirit Reani Spa

Approximate Hours of Operation

Monday to Thursday 10:00am to 6:30pm
Friday 7:00am to 2:00pm
Sorry, but no weekends
I will always ask for your earliest PM since I am a one-person operation and have to make sure I have a life too.

Nirit Reani Spa

Canceling an Appointment

All facials require a 48-hour cancellation timeframe. All waxing or eyelash tinting require a 24-hour cancellation timeframe.
I can absolutely understand emergencies and even forgetfulness. For that you may use "One Time Emergency Pass." I just don't want to do something "crazy" like charging you for a missed appointment , so stick to the cancellation rules.

Nirit Reani Spa

A Final Note

Tip 1

ALL my treatments are results oriented which I must archive! I will need your help. So will you stay away from tweezing your own eyebrow, picking on your own skin and waxing yourself (watch out for those ingrown hairs), etc...

Tip 2

A great product for minimizing ingrown hair is 'Tend Skin' (no imitation brand works as well as this one). Please consult me before using it and please NEVER EVER USE IT ON YOUR FACE. I do not expect you to be a saint, but come on; if I take care of you, do you really need to do anything by yourself?

Tip 3

No booking appointments on Facebook. Most likely I will never respond to the message. However, i would love to have you as my friend, it is one way you'll be able to know how crazy human your esthetician is ☺.

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