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Eyebrow Tinting: The Best-Kept Secret to Bolder, Fuller Brows! 

An Eyebrow Tinting Treatment In NYC will truly change your life! This service is perfect for those clients who hate to wear makeup but want to feel polished. By tinting blonde or light eyebrow hair a richer color, we can create depth and definition, giving you fuller-looking eyebrows. The result is beautifully natural appearance all day, every day!

Eyebrow tinting enhances your already perfectly shaped eyebrows, and makes them stand out —so please note, I will not recommend tinting your eyebrows if they are not perfectly shaped first. (You know me: I give my honest opinion always!)

What is eyebrow tinting? 

Eyebrow tinting is the procedure of coloring the eyebrows using a semi-permanent color. The product resembles hair coloring.

Should you consider eyebrow tinting? 

If you are someone whose eyebrows do not stand out, know that they can!

When your eyebrows are much lighter than your hair, all you notice is your hair. The goal is to create a tone a little deeper than your brand-new hair color, or your natural color, to draw attention to your face. Sometimes we are simply adding shine to your natural eyebrow color. Eyebrow tinting adds “life” to your brows, and a more vibrant look.

What if I have grey hair or thinning eyebrows? 

If you have some grey hair in your eyebrows, don’t pluck it! You may actually create a bald spot. if your eyebrows have actually turned completely grey (not white – color does not hold well on white hair), let’s tint them! Plucking eyebrows can develop permanent hair loss.
If your eyebrows have begun thinning, tinting eyebrows with a darker color make them look thicker.

How do I pick the ideal eyebrow tint shade? 

Well, I will pick the color, based on your hair color, complexion, your personal preferences, your make-up style and…..personality.

Can I tint my eyebrows at home? 

Seriously, no! There is too much room for mistakes. I am sure you have seen some mistakes walking the streets of NYC. You’ve probably noticed bad hair coloring and maybe even noticed bad eyebrow coloring. Let the professionals do their work and you do yours 😄 You may be successful if you try eyebrow tinting at home, but it is really “hit or miss.”

How is eyebrow tinting done? 

The procedure is simple and takes just a few minutes. If you have never colored your hair, I may ask to first do an allergy test. If everything is good, I apply the color to your eyebrows, and watch it being processed.

How long does eyebrow tinting last? 

Tinting eyebrows is temporary. Eyebrow tinting lasts for around two weeks, and also depends on sun exposure. The color fades naturally.

Ready to have fuller, shinier, more dramatic eyebrows? Text me at 917.806.6616, and we’ll schedule your first eyebrow tinting appointment!

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